Our Team - Katy Azar


My name is Katy Azar,  I have successfully owned and operated Azars Greek and Middle Eastern Restaurant  in Spokane WA. since 1980.  

In 2003 I was introduced to ITEX and became member. Being an ITEX business member has been very successful for me. Through ITEX I added many new regular customers and increased my restaurant’s exposure. I have substantially reduced business cash expenses by paying for goods and services with ITEX dollars. I also  have been able to pay for many of my family’s needs with ITEX dollars as well as purchase goods and services that I could not otherwise afford. I am now an Independent ITEX Broker/ Franchise, helping other businesses connect, trade, and save their cash by utilizing the members in the ITEX trading community and the ITEX marketplace. ITEX members do business with other ITEX members first, so you are automatically connected. 

(509) 768-7977